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Edge Defeats Alberto Del Rio At Wrestlemania 27 For The World Heavyweight Championship

Will Wrestlemania 27 open with a Snooki match? Hell no! Wrestlemania opens with Alberto Del Rio challenging Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Del Rio came out with his normal style, in his rented car, and with his amazing ring announcer. The crowd booed because he is a bad guy. Christian then came to the ring to stand in Edge’s corner. Then the crowd went crazy for the World Heavyweight champion, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge.

Alberto continued to rapidly attempt to pin Edge from the get go… he must have some place to be. The crowd was into the match with lots of action in and out of the ring.

The match went back and forth with Edge pulling out many close two-counts. Del Rio got Edge in the arm bar, but Edge quickly got to the ropes. After some outside interference by Christian and some fat guy… Edge got the crazy eyes and went for the spear. He missed and Del Rio latched the armbar on to Edge in the middle of the squared circle. H’es going nowhere. NO NO NO, Edge (somehow) turns it into a modified sharpshooter. Del Rio breaks loose and SPEAR EDGE RETAINS THE TITLE!

After celebrating, Edge attacks Del Rio's fancy car with a kick and an elbow drop?  Hmm ok.  Then he finally decides a crowbar might be better and breaks the windshield and forces Alberto to cry and leave the ring to boo's.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.