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WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: Stone Cold Steve Austin Declares Jerry The King Lawler Victorious

WrestleMania 27 continued with the Hall of Fame inductees being brough out for a quick segment, and we were all treated to Shawn Michaels’ theme song “Sexy Boy.” Needless to say, the crowd poppled.

Next up, Booker T and Good Ole J.R. came to the ring to announce the Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler match. Michael Cole interrupted J.R.‘s entrance to talk as he walked to the ring. Cole continues to be the best heel the WWE has at this point. The crowd definetly gave him the heat he so played them for. Cole even insulted J.R.’s bar-b-que sauce! Cole ended his speech by predicting that he would be the new “Mr. WrestleMania.”

Jack Swagger then began doing pushups, and the glass broke… Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared and drove to the ring on a four-wheeler, sending Michael Cole back into his glass-protected announce area. Austin ran around the ring, hit all the turnbuckles, and the crowd went freaking crazy. Michael Cole was busy showing off his muscles.

The sound of royalty then took over the Georgia Dome, and the crowd stood and paid silent respect to Jerry Lawler.

The match began with Cole still in his glass treefort. Lawler threw Jack Swagger, and then Cole offered Lawler his hand in friendship through the random hole in the glass. They shook, but Lawler wouldn’t let go and pulled Cole’s hand forcing his face into the glass (comedy!). Lawler then climbed in and pulled Cole out of the glass box and slammed his head into the GM’s laptop stand. Finally, Cole was thrown into the ring for the first time.

At this point, the match quickly got slow and boring. Cole slowly kicked the King over and over. Stone Cold did a fine job calling this match right down the middle. What a fair man. Cole took down a strap from his amateur wrestling out foot and then slapped the ankle lock on Lawler. Lawler broke the hold and as Lawler approached Cole, Jack Swagger threw in the white towel. Stone Cold picked it up, wiped the sweat off his head and threw it back at Jack Swagger. Swagger entered the ring to complain and Stone Cold kicked him, Stone Cold Stunned him in front of many many camera flashes. The crowd once again went crazy. Cole Pushed Stone Cold and Austin punched Cole in return.

Then the King took the match back over doing nothing but throwing punches (the opposite of Cole’s method of nothing but kicking). He even climbed the ropes and hit the flying punch after pointing to the WrestleMania sign. 1, 2, and Lawler pulls Cole up, to Austin’s suprise. Lawler slapped his own ankle lock on Cole who immediately tapped out. Stone Cold got in his face for about a minute and then finally called for the bell.

Jack Swagger carried Cole to the backstage and… GLASS BROKE AGAIN. Stone Cold’s music hit and Lawler and Stone Cold DRANK A LOT OF BEER in front of tons of cheering fans and cameras. Booker T then entered the ring and the music stopped… Booker T’s music hits and its Spinarooni time. Then MORE BEER. All three drink and Stone Cold stuns Booker T. (DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?!?!). Stone Cold and Lawler celebrate for a long long time and everyone is happy until…

The anonymous Raw General Manager emailed in the announcement that Jerry Lawler was disqualified due to Stone Cold's (the ref) interference.  So Michael Cole is the winner... ok.  Josh Matthews then got stunned and more beer was drunk as Stone Cold rode his four-wheeler out of the arena.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.