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WWE Wrestlemania 27 Results: Triple H Taps, Undertaker's Streak Now 19-0

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The most anticipated match of WrestleMania 27 was up next as the Undertaker put his undefeated WrestleMania streak on the line against Triple H. 19-0 or 18-1? That is the question. As a reminder, this match was a NO HOLDS-BARRED MATCH.

The lights went black, and everyone’s cell phones came out as Metallica’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls” hit. The crowd stood in silence as they had no idea who was coming out at this point. They stayed silent and continued to film with their cell phones. Triple H appeared in a spotlight as some kind of king figure in some sort of horrible headress, cape, and so forth. Then the screen went black again, the caveman clothes were gone, and Hunter made his way to the ring to his normal Motorhead song. It took a good ten minutes, but I’m pretty sure the crowd enjoyed it.

Next, the Undertaker’s bells hit and fire erupted. Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” took to the speakers and the Deadman appeared. Five minutes later, Taker was in the ring.

The match began, and Triple H was quickly thrown over the top rope and slammed into the steel chairs before he could push Taker through Michael Cole’s popemobile seat thing. They got back in the ring, and Triple H broke up Undertaker’s attempt at an OLLLLD SCHOOOL. The crowd’s chants were split down the middle for this one.

The next big spot was Triple H attempting to give the Pedigree to Taker through the announce table. Taker quickly reversed it and went for the chokeslam. Triple H broke the hold and went for the Pedigree again before Taker flipped him off the table onto the floor. Taker ran slowly crawled back in the ring and then DOVE headfirst over the top rope and took Hunter out. Senior citizens diving head-first into the ground is pretty impressive.

They slowly went back and forth, and Triple H ended up suplexing Taker off the ring steps through the announce table. Predictibly, this was one slow match. Big spot… laying around for five minutes… another big spot.

Undertaker hit his first chokeslam of the night! And of course, Triple H kicked out. I mean come on, you think one chokeslam would take down the King of Kings?

A few moments later, Pedigree number one and… a two-count!

Two minutes later… THE LAST RIDE and… a two-count! The Undertaker was not happy. He followed it up with a TOMBSTONE and… a tie for the closest two-count in history. Triple H is apparently the most resilient wrestler of all-time. They really played up the drama of this Streak thing. Anyway, they laid around for a long time again, and then Triple H DDT’ed Taker on a steel chair. They laid around some more and then… Pedigree number two! Taker kicked out after a two-count and then Triple H cried. They easily spent half of this match crawling around. Anyway, Pedigree number three and another freaking two-count. This was kind of ridiculous.

Triple H then hit Taker in the back eight times with a chair (remember, this is PG WWE, no headshots) and then fell over. Wait, what? Triple H with a chair headshot on the Undertaker! Triple H then fell in the corner and looked to be deep in thought. He finally made it to his feet and decided to yell at the Undertaker… who grabbed him by the throat, but let go? Triple H signalled that it was over and then TOMBSTONE PILEDROVE the Undertaker, crossed his arms and stuck out his tongue as he tried to pin him and Taker still kicked out. The crowd went crazy for Triple H’s Tombstone.

Triple H, clearly frustrated, rolled outside of the ring and picked up his trusty sledgehammer. Taker tried to crawl out of the ring, but HHH pulled him back to the center. Taker then suprised Triple H with a submission hold and… two minutes later, Triple H tapped.

19-0, the Streak continues. This was pretty exhausting to type.

These were the most dramatic entrances I have seen in a long time.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.