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WWE WrestleMania 27 Results: The Rock Attacks John Cena, Miz Retains Title

The main event of WrestleMania 27 was all that remained after Snooki cut herself some flips. The Miz was set to defend the WWE Championship against John Cena.

Before the Miz came out, a video was shown of him studying old wrestling footage and then becoming the Miz he is today, all scored by Nas' "Hate Me Now."  His entrance consisted of a big blow-up “Awesome” balloon (really) and him walking with some sparklers behind him. Nothing in comparison to what we’ve become accustomed to for a WrestleMania main event. Alex Riley accompanied the Miz to the ring.

Then it was time for the boos. A choir stood at the top of the entrance ramp and began singing, then old footage of John Cena was shown (the crowds cellphones were back to filming) as fellow rapper, DMX talked about working hard and being strong or something. The choir started clapping, dancing, singing, and the crowd booed (ha). Then John Cena’s normal music hit, and the crowd continued booing, with a few cheers mixed in. The one good thing about a Cena entrance is that once he actually starts heading to the ring, we don’t have to wait around for five minutes like we do for Triple H and Undertaker -- he sprints to the ring.

The “Cena Sucks” and “Let’s Go Cena” chants were in effect from the get go on this one. The match began with fists being thrown back and forth and a few wrestling moves thrown in the mix. Before long, Cena was hitting a bent over Miz with a legdrop off the top rope. A couple minutes later and the Miz took control of the match. The crowd cheered every time the Miz hit a move and booed every time John Cena did. That is, until Cena slapped on the STFU (or whatever PG term they have for the move these days). The Miz got to the ropes and after Alex Riley distracted John Cena, Miz hit Cena with his Skull Crushing Finale. Two-count!

Next, the ref got knocked out and Cena hit the FU (or attitude adjustment), but there was no ref to count. Alex Riley got in the ring and hit Cena with a briefcase, just before the ref returned the Miz got a two-count.

A few moments later Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment one more time, and the Miz kicked out at the last second to a huge pop and a “That Was Awesome” chant.

The match the ended in a double count out draw. What! Thus, the Miz was announced as the champion and his music hit.

Then… The Rock’s music hit, and the host made his way ringside. He was not happy with the outcome of the match. An email came through from the Raw general manager, and the Rock got the honor of reading it. He started and then stopped and said “It doesn’t matter what you think!” and slammed the computer shut. He went on to say that there was no way WrestleMania would end like that and that the match would restart with no time limit, no count out, no disqualification. He said he wanted to give the people what they wanted.

So, the match was restarted, and he gave the Rock Bottom to John Cena. Then Miz rolled on top of Cena and picked up the three count.

The crowd continued chanting “Rocky” so he came back and gave the People’s Elbow to the Miz and posed as the crowd cheered and showed their approval.

It looks like a Rock versus John Cena match will actually happen sometime in the future.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.