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PHOTO: New Winnipeg Jets Logos Are Most Canadian Logos Possible

So nice of the Winnipeg Jets to have named themselves in honor of the world's busiest airport. Can't think of any other reason why a small town in mid-Canada would give itself such a name, if not in honor or of Delta and AirTran. You can click to make these bigger:


I kind of like the upper-right one, but don't get why hockey logos always include hockey equipment. This one leaves no doubt; rarely is hockey equipment in a hockey logo rendered redundant, but there are already maple leaves everywhere.

Whatever it is this new logo is meant to reflect if not Atlanta's airport, it was leaked a few hours before being revealed, giving everyone a chance to prepare for the team not going with the old Jets logo, which didn't have a helpful jet on it. So go buy a bunch of stuff.

No telling what the new uniforms look like yet, but they'll probably draw fewer complaints than the Thrashers' did.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.