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New Winnipeg Jets Logo, As Picked Apart By Branding Geeks

I read Brand New mainly for the rare occasion when I'm actually able to agree with them on why a logo sucks. Really makes me feel like a branding genius. After looking at the new Winnipeg Jets logo, I knew I didn't love it, especially the random cursive wordmark, but waited on the experts to weigh in before grading my reaction.

Turns out I did pretty well! Branding genius!

Their two logos are getting middling reviews and criticized as having elements that are too hard to distinguish, while the weird wordmark is getting assaulted. One commenter points out that sports logos never do well when it comes to people who don't speak sports logo, but -- that's a really ugly wordmark either way.

"A truly horrific piece of script," you could say, as Brand New does.

It is kind of cool to read about the rationale behind the logo itself, as I've never been able to do the math and figure out why a team in the middle of nowhere calls itself the Jets. Using just the jet and not the maple leaf too would've looked less busy and still gotten everything across. Anybody who gets the visual reference from looking at the current logo still would've gotten it minus the leaf.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.