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Nashville Predators Hoping To Sic Thrashers Fans On Winnipeg Jets

Why oh why couldn't Atlanta have had a NHL franchise that gets it as well as the Nashville Predators do? Granted, Atlanta kind of does now, since Nashville has become our de facto major league hockey franchise, but still.

Presumably in the interest of establishing themselves as the Atlanta Braves of hockey, the Preds are offering Atlanta Thrashers fans a deal for two free tickets to the team's March 24 game against the Winnipeg Jets with the purchase of various other tickets.

Totally random game to offer as a free bonus, but surely a Thrashers fan or two will be enticed by the chance to see the NHL's newest expansion team. You'll note the Flames are also included in that deal. You know exactly what you're doing, Predators marketing.

They're calling it the Music City "Thrash to Smash" Pack. No idea what the Smash part means, but make no mistake: Nashville wants your support, Atlanta hockey fan. And that's more than you could really ever say for the Atlanta Spirit Group, isn't it?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.